On Saturday October 12th, #Slimnina announced the release date for “Bloody Mary” and even dished out the unique digitally animated cover art.

On October 25th, Cocanina will unleash her new single “Bloody Mary” accompanied by a music video. Out now is a teaser video to display one of her looks as a queen. This unique instrumentation inspired her to play with her creativity and create this different side of cocanina that has never been seen before. The full video is sure to be something that you didn’t see coming!


Malala’s courageous and dangerous fight for girls’ right to education has touched my life and inspired me to put a voice to her work through this song. I personally experienced difficulties obtaining my education after being expelled from multiple schools for unjustified reasons. At the time, I thought I had it tough until I heard Malala Yousafzai’s story. I admire her bravery and drive to advocate for girls to have adequate, safe access to education. Her voice helped me find the motivation to preserver over my obstacles and graduate.

I wanted to spread awareness and join the movement. As I don’t have the means to do this through monetary contributions, I thought I could share my talents and spread the message through a song which tells her story. If this changes even just one girls path to a brighter future, I too have succeeded.

In Honour of Malala, please download this song for free and visit the Malala Fund at http://www.malala.org to learn more or make a donation.

  1. Malala Cocanina 2:31


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Behind the scenes shots depict some familiar and some not so familiar looks taken on by Cocanina, with her new music video “Bloody Mary”. She has teamed up with Peter Szabla of Phase Four Productions to bring this song to life. The shots have multiple locations including her own neighbourhood, a palace, and in front of a green screen where the creativity is endless. Watch out for this videos release in October.

Photos by Abstract Learning

IG: @abstractlearning

Torontos Eye Candy shop – An experience that brings together the vibrant, the inspired, and the epic. They have incredible installations and multi-sensory immersive rooms. Cocanina fuels her imagination while she poses for the camera. She stands by her king in the game of chess, spreads her wings, poses with the cherry blossoms, tests her sweet tooth double bubble, and hangs from the chandelier. An all around fun day!

Torontos Eye Candy

Photos by Jhustin Legere

IG: @jhustin.raw