Day-O was inspired by the opportunity to songwright for the international chart-topping, grammy award winning, singer, songwriter, actress, and business woman, Rihanna. Although Rihanna was moved by the song, she decided to take a different approach for her album. Cocanina couldn’t resist making the song her own. Produced by Obi and Engineered by Abstract Studios, the beat pulled Cocanina back to her roots on the sunny, care-free island of Tobago.  Memories of the wild parties that don’t end until the sun comes up, and even then the vibes are so good you never want to leave. Cocanina took her love for her heritage to  the center stage and accompanied the single with a music video shot in Tobago, showcasing what this beautiful island has to offer. Cocanina’s intention was to make a play on a classic song that we can catch a vibe to all day (and night!) long. 

The EP showcases some of Cocaninas most personal and intimate experiences in the last couple years of her life. On top of the EP release is REAL, accompanied by some new visuals shot by Peter Szalba of Phase Four Productions. Through the visuals Cocanina wanted to show love to other Artists in the city by making cameos of some familiar faces in the industry. REAL provides a glimpse of how Cocanina was feeling being single for a while after a bad breakup. At that point in her life she felt like everything was coming together for her accept she needed a ride or die. There is a lot of sex out there and all she wanted was a real one to have a healthy happy relationship with.  

EP Track List

  1. Real
  2. Too Much
  3. Lundi A Dimanche
  4. Don Walk
  5. Traitor

Cocanina has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of her new single ‘REAL’, shot by Peter Szabla of Phase Four Productions. The footage shows Cocanina having a lot of fun with her friends @nannagoodie (MC) and @raxxofficialmusic (MC) at Scooters Roller Palace. Cocanina used her creativity to customize her roller skates and is dressed in a Scooters uniform to match the atmosphere.


Arriving complete with some new visuals, MEMYSELF.EYE, shot by Chris Prince pays homage to Beyoncé and some of the other strong accomplished women who’ve inspired COCANINA.

In expressing one’s art to the public eye, people are always watching – sometimes with that scrutiny comes criticism. The lyrics of this song depict the values of focusing on oneself and not allowing others opinions to bring you down. “It’s all about me me me me”.